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Xceed Electrical Parramatta has over 20 years in the electrical industry. We strive to give you the best quality service with a reliable trade experience.

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Electrical Services in Parramatta

Searching for top-notch electrical services in Parramatta? At Xceed Electrical Parramatta, you’ll always talk to a real person, a dedicated and friendly staff member. Our experts pride themselves on providing helpful advice, guiding you to the ideal solution for every electrical need, whether it’s for commercial or residential projects. Exceed Electrical Parramatta aims to amplify your lifestyle without overcomplicating it. Benefit from our reliable and quality service, which boasts competitive rates and rapid response times. Your safety and satisfaction are paramount to us, which is why we are fully licensed and insured. Choose Xceed Electrical Parramatta for an unmatched electrical experience.

Founded in 2007, Xceed Electrical Parramatta stands as a testament to family-driven expertise, being wholly family-owned and meticulously operated. With a skilled team that brings to the table an impressive accumulation of over 20 years of hands-on experience in the electrical domain, we pride ourselves on our unwavering dedication to excellence. Xceed Electrical’s mission is not just to provide service, but to ensure that each interaction is of unparalleled quality, supported by an enduring foundation of trust and a steadfast commitment to a reliable trade experience for all our clients.

Latest Projects In Parramatta

Xceed Electrical Parramatta

Xceed Electrical Parramatta has an experienced team with over 20 years in the electrical industry. We strive to give you the best quality service with a reliable trade experience.

What Services Does Xceed Electrical Parramatta?

Xceed Electrical has a solution for all your electrical needs. Xceed Electrical Parramatta offer services for commercial, industrial, and residential sites. Our range of professional services makes your life easier. Some example of services from Xceed Electrical Parramatta are Appliance installations & repairs, Renovations, LED lighting, including LED downlights, TV antenna & Foxtel cabling and a lot more.

Does Xceed Electrical Parramatta Offer Home & Office Automation Services?

Yes, Xceed Electrical offers a wide variety of options to suit your home or office through either a wireless or a fully wired system. Through automation your home theatre dream can become a reality by the simple click of a button.  Some examples of home and office automation that Xceed Electrical Parramatta offers include Audio visual & home theatre installations, Intercoms & doorbells, Speakers and surround, Wired and wireless system installations and more.

Where Does Xceed Electrical Parramatta Service?

Xceed Electrical offers all electrical needs throughout the Parramatta district and surround areas. If you are unsure if we service your area, give us a call on  (02) 9726 4869 and we’ll let you know.

Does Xceed Electrical Parramatta Install Data & Security Systems?

Xceed Electrical Parramatta can implement voice and data cabling within your home or office. Adding a phone outlet, broadband or NBN connection, or just simply a data point.

Xceed Electrical Parramatta can help you get connected. Security is the front line of defence for your home or office and protecting your family and assets are vital. Xceed Electrical Parramatta can design and install the perfect security system for your home or office from alarm sensors, access control, intercom systems and security CCTV cameras to cover all areas of security for your home or office.

Client Testimonials

Our office has been using Jayson and Xceed Electrical for over 7 Years for all of our Electrical maintenance/ repair jobs and we will continue to as he is extremely reliable, professional in all his work and also very personable. We find that our tenants and landlords are always more than satisfied with the quality of work Jayson delivers and have begun referring personal work to him. Jayson is very easy to deal with and always goes the extra mile to ensure his clients are happy.

Caitlin Hehir

Jayson Conceicao (Xceed Electrical) are our family’s first choice electrician since 2016. They have been responsible for maintaining the integrity and safety of the electrical system in our home. Xceed Electrical have conducted: fault finding and rectrification of power supply, instalation of lighting and GPO fittings as well as a comprehensive security system. Jayson and his team are always quick to respond to our requests for service and are helpful and polite when at our home.

Nicholas Rowntree

A big thank you to Jayson and the team at Xceed Electrical. His professionalism, punctuality and reliability have been a pleasure to deal with; when I needed electrical work to be done at my property quotes were provided in a timely manner and bookings were easy to organise even with my busy schedule. The standard of work provided by Jayson and his team have been second to none, he was easy to get in touch with and always courteous.

Christina Diamond

Why We Love Parramatta

From the bustling CBD to the charming heritage terraces, Parramatta’s unique blend of old and new keeps our passionate electricians energized. Our highly qualified Parramatta electricians understand the intricacies of both historical buildings with their older wiring systems and the cutting-edge electrical demands of modern high-rises. We understand the importance of keeping your property running smoothly. That’s why our electricians take pride in exceeding your expectations with their high-quality workmanship and friendly customer service. Our Parramatta team is highly skilled and remains up-to-date on all the latest electrical codes and safety regulations. This ensures complete peace of mind knowing your property is in safe hands with Xceed Electrical.

Xceed Electrical
Things You Didn't Know About Parramatta

Experience the Historical Depth of Parramatta, NSW with Xceed Electrical

Parramatta, located in the geographic heart of Sydney, is one of Australia’s oldest and most historically significant suburbs. Xceed Electrical is honored to serve Parramatta, a suburb that perfectly encapsulates Australia’s colonial past and its multicultural present.

Colonial Foundations and Early Settlement
Founded in 1788, the same year as Sydney, The suburb was established as the colonial farming district, earning the nickname “the cradle of the colony.” This area quickly became an important administrative and economic center. Today, historical sites like Old Government House and Parramatta Park, where these early settlers farmed, are key attractions, reflecting the suburb’s deep historical roots.

A Centre of Growth and Diversity
The suburb has grown into a major business and retail center, often considered Sydney’s second CBD. This evolution is supported by significant infrastructure developments, including modern skyscrapers and the expansion of public transport networks. Xceed Electrical supports this growth by providing cutting-edge electrical services that meet the sophisticated needs of high-rise buildings and bustling commercial centers.

Cultural Tapestry
The demographic makeup of the suburb is notably diverse, with residents hailing from a wide range of cultural backgrounds, contributing to a rich, multicultural community life. This diversity is celebrated in the suburb’s annual festivals, diverse cuisine, and community events. At Xceed Electrical, we appreciate the unique needs of such a diverse population, offering customized electrical solutions that cater to a variety of cultural and commercial requirements.

Preserving the Past, Powering the Future
Parramatta’s commitment to preserving its heritage while pushing forward into the future makes it a unique suburb. Heritage conservation is balanced with modern development, creating a dynamic urban environment. Xceed Electrical plays a pivotal role in this by ensuring that all electrical installations and maintenance in historical buildings are sensitively handled to preserve their integrity, while also embracing modern electrical technologies for new developments.

Whether you’re exploring historic sites, shopping in the bustling or conducting business in one of the many corporate offices, the suburb offers a dynamic mix of history and modernity. Let Xceed Electrical help you connect to both the past and future of Parramatta with our reliable and expert electrical services.

Partner with Xceed Electrical to ensure your Parramatta property is equipped with efficient, safe, and state-of-the-art electrical solutions. Contact us today to discuss your electrical needs in this historic and vibrant suburb.

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